Match Patients, Archive Clinical Data,
Connect Disparate Systems,
& Improve Financial Performance,

in a Single Platform.

Match Patients, Archive Clinical Data
Connect Disparate Systems,
& Improve Financial Performance,

in a Single Platform

“It’s not you. It’s the Data.”

intelyHealth Solutions uplifts your organization’s ability to provide effective and efficient data management that results in exceptional patient care.


Archive patient data from multiple disparate sources, legacy systems and more to create a physician-centric patient health record.


Facilitate system integration to easily and seamless transfer secure information.


Accurately code patient encounters and improve reimbursement with integrated natural language processing services.


Improve the financial health of your organization with consolidated financial services and usable, targeted analytics to identify and predict improvement opportunities.


Compare and consolidate Master Patient Indexes with intelligence based AI solutions.


Improve efficiency and accuracy of clinical documentation with machine learning by eliminating wasted time, high transcription costs and provider burnout.


Increase accuracy of patient access registration and streamline population, verification and validation of patient demographic and insurance data


Utilize machine learning to efficiently identify and recommend medications, clinical trial opportunities and treatment options for patients and providers.


Optimize appointment bookings and improve patient access with an integrated, user friendly scheduling portal.


“Almost 50% of Patient Care Data is poorly managed by obsolete technology”

We Do This For Our Medical Frontliners

Intelyhealth services the needs of healthcare systems, enterprises, payers and patients using a cloud based AI platform to match patients, archive clinical data and connect disparate systems by

Ingesting master patient indexes from disparate systems, leveraging machine learning to create a consolidated enterprise master patient index

Normalize structured and unstructured clinical data from external systems and archive in a centralized platform

Transform clinical data to present a clinically centric record improving provider decision and patient outcomes

Utilize FHIR/API technology to facilitate interoperability and provide access to critical data points previously unavailable to providers.

Enabled By Powerful Integrations With:

Enabled By Powerful Integrations With:

Intelyhealth optimized ALL of our clinical data and made it easy for us to manage and care for our patients faster

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